Award Ceremony

…”It’s a Red Carpet night, here at the “Award” ceremonies, and anyone, who IS anyone, in the blogging world will be here… The past winners, the ‘can’t miss’ newcomers, the wannabe’s and the never-wills! All pursuing the same dream,,, the fame, the recognition of their peers,,, their, “day in the sun,” if you will. That “fifteen minutes of fame,”* (see; “Stand Up In The Light” by Jack Downing, aka Jake comes along with, the ultimate of achievements, a “Bloggy” award… 

 J. Downing..reporting live. (cut to commercial)                                                         

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s festivities are brought to you by… Wordpress… Your leader, in “personal and public communications.”  And by… Your leader, in “personal self-promotion.”

” Okay, well let’s go inside and listen to what the winner has to say, shall we?”  (Acceptance speech joined in progress)

“…and that my friends, was the most humbling, and embarrassing experience of my life”…( raucous laughter) “But now, on a more serious note,,, I have finally realized what these awards are all about. They are all about love, yes, love. And I know now, that, after all of this time,,, you love me….You really love me!! ” (“cut toPepto-Bismol’ commercial, my stomach is turning nauseous.”) [producer’s aside]

…And we are back, in… Three, two, one and…

…”But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the people, who have made all of this possible…First; Michael, over @Have A for honoring me with the “7X7 Link Award.” Michael, thank you..

“But it seems that there are rules of conduct that come with this “Award,” and they are:  1.) Reveal 7 things about myself, that are not known to you. 2.) Place up 7 of my favorite links. And 3.) Pass on the award to 7 more bloggers. So here they are, ready or not.”

  • 1. I served in the U.S. Navy for 6 years, 7 months and 12 days.(1965-1972)
  • 2. I have been married to the same woman for 32 years, come May 10th, 2012
  • 3. I have been blessed with the most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and loving daughter.
  • 4. My parents and my siblings are at the core of who I am. ( I ain’t takin’ the rap.)
  • 5. I love the “Blue Collar Comedy” guys..(Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engval, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy.)
  • 6. I’ve got hemorrhoids (hey, I didn’t make the rules)
  • 7. We have a cat, but I’d rather have a dog…Please, don’t tell the cat…Okay?

…(thunderous applause).. “thank you,” pause, continuing applause..”thank you” applause abating..”thank you”  “Ahem, now for the most difficult of tasks,  the naming of the next recipients..”

     “After much contemplation, (and writing all those names on papers to put into the hat) I have decided, for reasons known only to me (and the hat) to nominate the following seven blogs…”

1.  ariadnesdaughter

2. yearstruck

3.  Adeeyoyo’s Blog

4. Nae’s Nest

5. It’s Just Life

6. jpotblogs

7. Poems for Kush

“These are deserving bloggers who work hard to put quality work out for all of us to enjoy, so please visit their blogs and comment, for that is what keeps us all inspired and interested in what we are doing…” Thank you so much for your support and your warm welcome tonight..”

…Standing ovation…A gentleman’s bow…A wave of the hand..And he departs…

cut to commercial…

 And we’re back in three, two, one and…

“What an entertaining program we have witnessed here tonight, Jake had his “A-game” going for sure. He held the audience captivated, in the palm of his hand..and on the edge of their seats… a real talent he…Well that’s it from here, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in bringing it to you. For all of us here WBS, this is J. Downing saying good night and good blogging!”

And Cut…(good show everyone that’s a wrap) [producer’s aside]

* Attributed to the late Andy Warhol.

** Two other awards were given to me in the past few days and I would like to acknowledge them and my benefactor at this time.

It is with the warmest and sincerest appreciation that I accept these awards and would like to say thank you to Beth Ann over at “It’s Just Life” She is a wonderfully talented and caring individual that I am proud to call my friend. With that being said, this acceptance has taken me about four days to complete and while I love the attention received by these awards, I do not have the necessary time to respond to them all..So if I do not respond to further awards, it is not that I’m not grateful, it is that it is very energy and time-consuming…

Thanks again,





About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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16 Responses to Award Ceremony

  1. Congratulations. Receiving and accepting can be an ordeal to put together as I have found. What do they expect of older people? So much requirement work. Keerist, I’m not in my 90’s anymore.

  2. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! And thank you!!! I still have another one to acknowledge in my drafts so I guess I will add to it!!! I totally understand—it is nice to have others appreciate and acknowledge your work but it gets time consuming and a little stressful to figure out how to acknowledge and pass on, etc….some blogs go to award free but I don’t really want to do that—just need to figure out a way to do it a little bit better. But I suspect I am almost out of awards by now….
    Have a great day—you deserve it!

  3. Michael says:

    Congratulations Jake. I wanna thank you for joining the “7×7 Link Award” and for posting every day. You are truly great Jake. Regards. !!!

  4. Wow! Thanks, Jake! I feel like a real wordpress blogger now. 🙂 Being new to this… I assume I just go ahead and post the 7 things about myself and pass it on? Sounds fun. Now if I can just figure out how to add those little logo pictures I’ll be good to go.

    • Yeah it took me quite a while to figure it out too…Just right click on the logo..and save it to your pics, then when you want to use it…click on the “upload/insert” icon (between the title and the toolbar, the little camera thingy) A little hint though.. make sure your cursor is where you want the pic to go.. and then follow the prompts..If you need anymore help with it e-mail me.. Congratulations, you deserve it, (the award) you put a lot of thought and effortinto yourblog..


  5. yearstricken says:

    Congratulations. It was fun to learn more about you. Thank you for your kind nomination, too.

  6. jpotblogg says:

    Hi Jake! Thank you for that amazing award and congratulations to you!!!:) I am on my way to abiding by the rules..I’ll keep you updated! 🙂 hehe.

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