Doc, in the original Disney cartoon was a wizened old guy..Not here. Once again, I hope you enjoy this week’s posts.

     And a wish for a wonderful Wednesday,


     Now for a totally different look at Doc.


 Just six months out of med school,

and here it was, Christmas Eve,

usually a slow night,

she was led to believe.

With still more than twelve hours,

before she would rest,

she’d settle for a cat-nap,

in an office, fully dressed.


 It had been quiet,

for most of her shift,

as she closed her tired eyes,

and let herself drift.

The “charge nurse” a pro,

would know what to do,

and could handle most anything,

that would usually come through.


 The first reaction of the doctor,

was to look at the clock,

fifteen minutes had passed,

when she heard the knock.

Come in” she said,

while rubbing her eyes,

you better come quick,”

was the nurse’s reply.


 She followed the nurse,

back into E.R.,

and was told by the staff,

the kid was hit by a car.

Bleeding from his head,

and out from his ears,

the doctor’s heart dropped,

but, she held back her tears.


 He laid there unconscious,

 and she had but small hope,

as she listened to the heartbeat,

at the end of her scope.

She called out to her team,

prepare for surgery, stat,

and get me some x-rays,

so we know where we’re at.”


 She’d work the next hours,

and do what she could,

to save the boy’s life,

and prayed, that she would.

The surgery went as well,

as anyone could expect,

and the doctor had earned,

all of the nurse’s respect.


 Her shift about ending,

when she checked on the boy,

and found that this Christmas,

would be one of joy.

She walked out of the hospital,

a great deal relieved,

and in the magic of Christmas,

now, the doctor believed.


 Jack Downing

Jan. 2012

 Copyright© Jack Downing, aka Jake All rights reserved. Contents may not be reprinted or disseminated in any manner without the expressed written consent of the author. JRD 2/1/12


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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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  1. Beth Ann says:

    Awww……that is so totally not what I expected today from Doc!!! Great!!!

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