A Little Help Here Please

     I am in need of help, (not that kind of help) as I have not been able to decide upon a title for this poem. I’ve just finished it, and although usually, a title that seems fitting comes to the fore, and to myself I say, “okay that’s it then”. However, not this one. I have come up with a few but I’m still not sure which, if any, is the right one. That is where YOU, my loyal followers or the passer-by that happens to “stop in” today, come into the equation. Help me find a title. At the bottom of the post, I have listed a few of the titles that I have come up with for your consideration/ judgement. Or…You may offer your own suggestions,(be kind please) and I will decide from that which one to use.

Ps. As you will find out this is not a light and happy poem, in fact, it is very deep and perhaps even disturbing..

     Thank you in advance, for your participation.

     Have a fearless Friday,


As Yet Untitled

Without reason,

nor cause,

save, for a feeling,

of sadness,

it creeps as a vine,

from a source unknown,

welling, up from the depths,

comes madness.

Whilst outward appearance,

remains as before,

inward descends,

into darkness,

until, in to the light,

burst forth, out from hiding,

with, alarm then for all,

at its sharpness.


Jack Downing

Jan. 2012

Possible titles:

  • The Madman Exposed     
  • Madness Revealed
  • The Rise of Insanity
  • From Out of the Darkness
  • Descent Into Madness
  • What Lies Within?
  • A Struggle With Sanity.                                                                                        

Please let me know your opinion or suggestion in the comment section.

Thanks again,



About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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8 Responses to A Little Help Here Please

  1. It relates the indescribable depths of depression for those of us who so suffer. But you have described it artfully so. But I would suggest that it is not light that erupts but enveloping darkness. At a loss for a title but it will be understood in a special way for a particular part of the population that struggle.

    • I truly appreciate your comments Carl.(as always)Your insight into the situation is special and I thank you.. What the light represented(in my mind) was the realization of others,after the affected person exposed to the world,that which was hiding inside..When, for example, atragedy occurs and some people say, “I never would have guessedhe/she would do something like that!” Or.. “Iknew there wassomethingweird abouthim/her!” Maybe I need some help! Have a peace-filled day my friend.


  2. sally says:


  3. gardenpoet says:

    I rather like “From Out of the Darkness”, as in this is being told from one within such darkness.

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