The Magic Line

     I posted this one before, but, every once in a while, the reality of this poem comes to the fore, and I wonder, “hey,if my mind doesn’t think old, why can’t I get up, from any position without groaning, cursing, and holding on to something, and what happened to that young guy that could stay up all night partying, and still get up for work in the morning? Or, the sailor who traveled to far off places, and had a hell of a time doing it? And what about the young husband and father?” That was just Yesterday, wasn’t it? No, it couldn’t have been, because yesterday, was the day I crossed…

The Magic Line

 I woke up one morning,

 and I was old.

 And, it came on me faster,

 than the common cold.

 One day, I was a young man,

 in my prime.

 The next, it seemed,

 I’d crossed, some magic line.


Now, when I look back,

 at the memories, that I hold,

 I can say, that I never,

 killed or stole.

 But, a few times I’ll admit,

 my pride, I sold.

 And that’s a fact,

 that leaves me, feeling cold.


 Oh, I’ve had me some times,

 both good and bad.

 I’ve got the scars to show,

 for all, the times I had.

 But, isn’t that,

 what livings all about?

 Make sure, that there’s a mark,

 when you check out.


 But, before I die,

 and leave this world behind,

 I still, have got some living,

 on my mind.

 And, though my face be wrinkled,

 and it’s lined,

 if you see me, on the street,

 now, treat me kind.


 For where, you’re standing now,

 I walked that ground.

And where I be,

 your time, will come around.

 And I would hate to be,

 your regretful memory,

 so, take this advice,

 and know it’s sound.


 If, your pride is all you have,

 you’ve done okay.

 And, when your life is through,

 you’ve had your say,

 then, you’ll have been a man,

 of wealth and worth.

 And left your mark,

 that you, were here on earth.


 Yes, you’ll wake up, one morning,

 and you’ll be old.

 Yes, it’ll come on faster,

 than your common cold.

 One day, you’ll be a young man,

 in your prime,

 and the next, it seems you’ve crossed,

 that magic line.


  Jack Downing

Mar. 2011







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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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4 Responses to The Magic Line

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Love this one–don’t remember reading it before when you posted it but I bet I did and just “forgot” because of old age…..I might have crossed the line….

  2. I am comfortable, even though I may have done inconsiderate or insensitive things, in that I was never the source of someone’s misfortune. No one has died by my hand. I too feel alarmed at the passage of time leaving me now with white hair and health issues , but I am a father from whom advice is sought and delight in being called a grandpa. You have to be a particular age, unfortunately, to be called grandpa.

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