The Wedding (pt. 4)

     The Wedding

 August 20, 2011

All the worries of rain or other foul weather conditions brought on by the “ten-day forecast” gave way to this; a brilliant, sparkling, sunny day in the town of Portsmouth, N.H. (postal zip code 03801). The ladies had hair and makeup appointments early in the day, and the guys had time for mischief, (re:beer). Let the party begin, the photographers, “Birch Blaze,”  a husband and wife team took sides accordingly, and everything from there is on film, (no such thing as plausible deniability here.) So, after a few cold wake me ups, it was on a bus for a few pre-wedding pictures of the ‘boys’ at their best. I believe we ended up somewhere in Newcastle N.H. in the woods at an old WWII U.S. Navy shore battery, now used as a graffiti canvas for talented local artists. I have no idea how or why we ended up here, but, the slide show that the photographers displayed later, at the reception was really unbelievable. They truly have a special way of seeing things, that the average person seems to miss.   Then it was off to a seaside park for a few more pics, and back on the bus we went…  We would return to the park later as it turned out. Did I mention it was a sparkling day, breath-taking in every way?     And then it was time for the ceremony to begin. So back to the Moffatt-Ladd House and Gardens, we went.  The guests had entered from this direction and were seated as the wedding party prepared to enter from the opposite end through an iron gate into the garden and under a trellis.  The procession went as practiced, (I only stepped on the train once), then there we were, front and center, all eyes on us. “Who presents the bride?”  “Her mother and I do”, I said with pride… I had rehearsed it many times over in the last 24 hours, just so I wouldn’t say, “Uhhhh, me.”  I was then ‘invited’ to sit down, (by the groom), “you can sit down now Jack”  Ah, the embarrassment!  

 I neglected to mention that a white rose was placed on the first chair, (intentionally left empty) on both sides of the aisle, to remember those who could not be with us to celebrate the day. I was so proud of Rachel and Gregg for that. I’m getting misty even now, thinking about it. I see now, that all hope is not lost, for this generation after all. And meeting their friends and getting to know them, I still have hope for the future of this planet, good people all, and raised well.    

The ceremony was coming to an end and the bride and groom had just completed their vows, when a very loud, and very nearby, siren wailed, bringing laughter to everyone, including the bride and groom. (If you have never heard Rachel’s laugh, you’ve been deprived!)

So, it was back on the bus for the trip back to the seaside park, (and some more wood pics), I will give you notice now that I do not have any pictures of the reception, as I am told I spent a lot of time on the dance floor. Highly unusual for me. Just so you know. I will give you more photos now, and less words…You’re welcome!

Now came the fun time at “Harbor Events” site of the reception, we, (the wedding party), were gathered at the entrance and introduced to some very upbeat music, maybe that was the “table setter” for my prolonged excursion on the dance floor. (Or, the long day of cold wake me ups.) But, for sure, it began with the ‘Father/Daughter dance. Our choice was “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan, with a surprise twist, as the song was winding down, the short version, at my request, Gregg approached Rachel and me on the dance floor, with two Bud Lights in his hand, then the DJ hit us with…. “I’m pretty good at drinkin’ beer” by Billy Currington. (A really good party song), and the party got started. From here on out you get the “Reader’s Digest” version, condensed, because this post is really time-consuming and I only remember bits and pieces!  For the reception meal (eat, drink, party, there seems to be a common thread), I had the prime rib, delicious, though some thought it was too rare, I found it to be perfect. Cranberry chicken, I am told it was better at the pre-wedding food tasting, last winter, a little dry this time out. They should have let it hang with the men-folk…problem solved… nothing went dry with us. I’m sure there was dessert, but they weren’t serving it to us on the dance floor. The room had been booked until 11:30 pm, and was “rocking!!” At 10:00 pm out came mini grilled cheese sandwiches and cheeseburger sliders. Rachel and Gregg had thought of everything, right down to the gifts in the Ladies restrooms, including flip-flops for the dancing. Other gift bags had been delivered to the various hotels in the area for the guests who had come for overnight stays and were available at their respective check-in desks.

Okay, do you remember this? The lobby of the Residence Inn, as promised, there is more….It’s 11:35 pm (all times approximate) and we’re heading back around the corner to the hotel, Mike DeForge (Big Mike) had planned an after-party in his suite, but was persuaded to bring the party to the lobby, (with the good graces and cooperation of the Residence Inn staff.) The party expanded exponentially with the convergence of another wedding party, staying at the hotel, who had asked if they may join us. Two brides, two grooms, two of everything, too much, too late, for the ‘Old Man’! I am not sure when it was that I called it a day, but I do know that the rest of them had permission to use the lobby until 5:00 am. I don’t believe it went on that long, but I heard rumors to the effect of at least 3:00 am.

 Oh my word, Sunday morning!!!! Owww!!!! Check out time 11:00 am, breakfast(barely) first, shower, pack and pick up Melody for the long, long, long ride home. (In reality it is only about an hour and a quarter.) I did need to call in sick on Monday, and along about Wednesday started to return to normal being me. I know I have omitted many details, (intentionally, and otherwise,) but this report has gone on way too long as it is. I hope you have enjoyed the odyssey that I have taken you on. There will be a few more tidbits as I recall or are reminded of them.

Thanks for your support and indulgence,

May God Bless the bride and Groom, and all who read their wedding story.

The End.



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5 Responses to The Wedding (pt. 4)

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Aw….what a wonderful account of a wonderful day! I loved that you had another wedding party join you guys at The Residence Inn festivities! The pictures were all wonderful and I felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing your special day with us! Best wishes to the bride and groom!

    • Thanks, Beth Ann. It was an amazing time.. The planning that they put into it was way beyond anything you can imagine, the buses,the gift bags, the sliders at the reception, it goes on and on, the party at the”Page” after the rehearsal dinner. I only have one daughter(an only child)and she really made me a proud daddy!! (Even more thanusual.) Your newdeck looks great,when do I get invitedfor cocktails?…lol

      • Beth Ann says:

        You have exactly 1 week to get here for cocktails on the deck—after that I will be relocating to Ohio to help out with the “estate” (sounds grand, doesn’t it?) and with the brother in law transition/care/wrangling! It is going to be interesting but will be good! It is raining today so no deck shenanigans tonight but will be out there as much as possible in the next few days!

      • God Bless, and if I don’t make in the next week,the next time you put your feet up and have a bit of refreshment, think of me once, okay?The best of luck with the “estate” business, I know from experience that it can be a very trying time. Best to you and your family, your friend, Jake/Jack/John/Jay/Jakestah,Jamoke.

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Will do it, I promise!!! And thanks for the good thoughts—-we are going to be fine—just gonna take some time and I am looking on the bright side—Ohio is warmer than Iowa in the winter!!! 🙂 Plus I will be much closer to my mom and siblings!!!! Win win!

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