The Wedding (pt. 3)

Ah, the ‘Oar House’ “seafood, steak, and spirits”! Tucked away in an alley along the docks, sits a quaint and delightful spot of refreshment, for the wandering seafarers, and “land lubber” alike. The first time that I spotted the ‘Oar House’ I felt attracted to it. We were looking for suitable places for the rehearsal dinner, as suggestions for Mike and Kathy. I had somehow strayed away from the rest of the party, when I saw the sign above the door. Having been a sailor, and a lover of Colonial American History, the aesthetics tugged at me, and I asked Gregg and Rachel if they had checked it out. I was told that they had checked it out, “on-line” and that it did not meet the requirements. Well thankfully, Kathy and Mike (on a future trek) discovered it, and inquired as to the arrangements and availability. Sufficiently impressed, they booked the date and the rest is history of another type. So, here we are at the ‘Oar House’ and all that rehearsing and a two-minute walk, had us thirsty, (oh, by the way, from here on out, the entire wedding would be open bar) and hungry. The menu consisted of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, (reportedly “out of this world”),  a 14 oz.New York strip steak (my choice) and a 12 oz. sirloin, fisherman’s combo, roast chicken, and a haddock plate. All of which, delicious. While reading the menu I noted that it read, all of the above served with a green salad or Caesar salad and onion crisps. Being of Irish descent I noticed the lack of the glorious potato, so I approached our server, Nicole. “I really don’t like onions, is there anything here that resembles a potato?” “Oh, yes sir, all of our meals are served with Red Bliss mashed (the tastiest mashed potatoes that I can ever remember putting in my very big mouth) and fresh asparagus. Both of our servers as it turned out were named Nicole, but this Nicole, (a much better looking than the original), Sarah Jessica Parker look-alike remembered my disdain for the onion and removed or omitted them from my salad. That, is service deserving of commendation in my opinion. (Note to “Oar House”), both of these ladies are credits to your establishment. 

  The private room upstairs overlooks the bar below, and the walls are covered with plaques commemorating ships that were built-in Portsmouth, and their history. There is also a small private room off to one side, where I could envision John Paul Jones or other sea captains discussing the events of the times.

Well, a good and great time was had by all. One funny story though, in the front window upstairs there is a six-foot replica of a sailing vessel, behind a glass wall, that “Windex” could have used in a commercial. I am pleased to announce, I was not the only one there who rattled that wall with my head, trying to look outside. If you will look at picture #4 above, you will see Jenny DeForge (Gregg’s sister-in-law), who won the ‘smack your head into the glass’ award for the evening! With dinner and drinks finished, the bill paid, (with gratitude to Mike and Kathy DeForge) , it was off to”ThePage” for the after-party.  The after party was arranged by Gregg and Rachel to honor those who had traveled to Portsmouth and were staying at the local hotels, and who were not at the rehearsal dinner. The hoopla continued long in to the evening, with free draft beer and a cash bar for mixed drinks, plus free appetizers, (I couldn’t eat another bite, but I had room for beer.) The private party area soon filled with music and laughter. I am told it went on until 2:30 am… Way past my bedtime, after all tomorrow, (Saturday) was the big day, and I surely needed some beauty sleep. See you tomorrow!  Jake.  

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