I Saw God Today

     Our world is full of beauty, our world is a present, our world is a reflection of  it’s Creator. Everywhere there is evidence of God‘s existence. All we have to do is look, just open our eyes and see! His presence abounds. I know, because;

I Saw God Today

In the eyes of a child,

in a young woman’s smile,

and flowers, growing wild,

in a rain, soft and mild,

and with no price to pay.

I peered into the deep,

and found no cause, to weep,

for tonight I’ll gently sleep,

and this no secret keep,

for I saw God today!


Jack Downing

July 2011

About poemsandponderings

You can delve inside the greatest books to find most anything you want but the answer to your existence be e're elusive and a haunt. For each of us is different and our purpose solely ours, and not revealed to anyone until at our final hours. ~Jack Downing~
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2 Responses to I Saw God Today

  1. This supports my theological position that the Second Coming is not an event in the future. It is cyclical and repetitive in that every time a drug addict recovers and becomes a social worker, for instance, Jesus has come again. If He is in our midst there is nothing to be waiting for.

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