The meaning of the word alien is, different, out of the ordinary, or foreign. The aliens that the Natives of North America faced were, in a word, us! Yup, us, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese among others. Hard to believe that we were the unwanted, uninvited, interlopers. And that is what this poem is all about.

      It has been a very disappointing week thus far at ‘poemsandponderings’. I was hoping for a lot more traffic after being linked to ‘It’s Just Life’ at wordpress, Beth Ann has a feature at her blog called Comments for a Cause, where she donates fitty cent (ha ha) for every comment to her blog for different charities or causes. This month her committment is to “Tree of Life” an organization that works hard to improve the lives of the longest ever held prisoners of war….The Native Americans. I had hoped that having “Native American Week” here, that we could raise some awareness as to the plight of the Original Americans. So, without further ado.


 The aliens touched down,

many years ago.

And from where they came,

the people did not know.


They arrived in strange craft,

the like, the people knew not.

With the thunder in sticks,

and other wonders, they brought.


Their appearance to the people,

was strange, say the least.

Similar, yet different,

not they, but not beast.


They knew nothing of the people,

though some, tried to learn.

While others content,

to raze and to burn.


The end for the people,

was coming their way.

And it came with the aliens,

from the very first day.


It came in their numbers,

it came on their breath.

The end of the people,

the beginning of death.


Ages have passed now,

and the aliens, still here.

Now, they are the people,

and other aliens, they fear.


Forward to backward,

history will show,

when the alien arrives,

the people soon go.


Jack Downing,

Mar. 2011




About poemsandponderings

Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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2 Responses to Aliens

  1. Now this was of particular interest to me. In 1992(500th Anniversary) I had my advanced placement history students do extensive research on the effects on the New World set in motion by the arrival of Columbus and those who came after. One aspect was to dispel the myth of the “idyllic native in his Eden” which your poem is about. “The Conquest of Mexico” (1519-1521) was an autobiography of Bernal Diaz de la Castillo. He was a foot soldier with Cortez during the destruction of the Aztec Empire. His accounts of the atrocities practiced by the Indians are astonishing. These people were warlike cannibals. He gives accounts of the bloody ceremonies of human sacrifice, the raids to acquire victims and the markets providing butchered human parts for consumption. He describes what seems an insatiable blood lust. He relates that skulls were piled up in the various towns as trophies. At one city he estimated over 100,000 ! At another 50.000, another 20,000 and so forth. So he saw well over a million skulls in his journey. “idyllic native in his Eden” ? I hardly think so. I developed several essays defending the Spanish conquests and to dismiss the “curse of black death” which has been applied to historical attitudes re the arrival of the Spaniards. One essay I had them write was “Was the arrival of the conquistadors the beginning of a holocaust or the end of one?” Quite a different twist eh?

  2. Beth Ann says:

    We are raising awareness even if the numbers don’t show it, Jake!!! Don’t be disappointed. It is summer and a lot of folks take a break from the blogosphere I have found! I am not linked up to the usual blog hops, etc. so traffic is down a tic Still pulling in some fitty cents tho!!! Funny how I sent a link to the folks at ToL and have heard nothing back at all—maybe they are on vacay!!! Loved this one today—all of your posts this week have been awesome! Thanks for doing this with me!!!

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