The Land of I Don’t Care

      Well we haven’t had a challenge in a little while..  So let’s try this one. To what, do you think is referenced in the poem? (Answer on Friday).

The Land of I Don’t Care

 Somewhere, beyond the here and now,

 but, just this side of nowhere,

 there is a place of happiness,

 called “The Land of I Don’t Care”.


 It is such, an idyllic spot,

 peaceful and serene.

 There’s no one there, to bother you.

 And you, are the king or queen.


 All the world at your control,

 and, is for your eyes to see,

 stretching, wide horizons.

 Your spirit, sailing free.


 So, book your passage now, my friends,

 you’ve no time to spare.

 For the space is fading fast,

 in the “Land of I Don’t Care”.


 Soon, again you’ll worry,

 if you, don’t get to there.

 When there is no room for you,

 in the “Land of I Don’t Care”.


 Then all your days, be fretful,

 and more, than your fair share.

 When and if, you miss the boat,

 to the “Land of I Don’t Care”.


 Puffy clouds there, fill the sky,

 and all things go your way.

 And you don’t have to leave your bed,

 on any given day.


 Music, playing in your head,

 no need for headphones there.

 Everything is perfect,

 in the “Land of I Don’t Care”.


 And, there are no bosses,

 no jobs, or work to do.

 You can just, sit back and smile,

 until your days, are through.


 For soon enough, that will come to pass,

 and you’ll return to square.

 Because, you cannot live forever,

 in the “Land of I Don’t Care”.


 Jack Downing

Mar. 2011









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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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