Bridal Shower Review (pt.2)

 LaCantina Ristorante, Italiana. 911 Waverly St Framingham, Mass. 01702.

Oh, did I mention, Home of Fanny’s salad dressing? But I don’t think that they deliver. Yet!

Ok, now where was I ? I remember, the BUFFET…Our choice of appetizers consisted of bruschetta (toasted slices of Italian bread with olive oil, and assorted toppings, but my favorite topping was the relish of julienned tomatos and garlic. Salty, crisp, and chilled, delicious! Fried ravioli, if you have not tried fried ravioli, you are missing something special. Creamy ricotta cheese inside of a lightly deep-fried ravioli, with a savory/sweet marinara sauce, (a big hit). The garden salad and fresh Italian bread and butter were next. The entree`s consisted of chicken, ziti (gluten-free on request), and broccoli, chicken parmesan/parmesian/chicken parm. (One of my many favorites). Italian roasted potatoes (mmmm buttery, tender carbohydrates, I will wear with pride) and manicotti in the traditional red sauce, with loads and loads of cheese. Coffee and tea were included and  the dessert was the Bridal Shower Cake. The Bridesmaids really outdid themselves on this front. A fruit and cream filled cake from “Konditor Meister” of Braintree, Mass. 02184. SINFUL!! Well, that brings us to the end of today’s report. Tomorrow, the gift openings and the other stuff I didn’t pay too much attention to. (lol) To be continued…………….


Rachel (r) and Kristi, Maid of Honor (l) 


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2 Responses to Bridal Shower Review (pt.2)

  1. Beth Ann says:

    Thanks a lot. I am hungry now and it is only 7:30 am. But I am craving bruschetta and fried ravoli…..Lovely pictures and it looked like a fabulous time!!! 🙂

  2. cdnpearly says:

    That cake looks amazing! And Rachel looks so happy! Great review(s) Jake! Can’t wait till the big day!

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