Bridal Shower Review


I salute the LaCantina, their chef, their management, their staff, and of course  their food. Located on Waverly St. (Rte. 135) in Framingham, Mass. (see Sunday’s preview for further details and information). We arrived on schedule, actually a few minutes early, and were greeted by the kitchen personnel at the rear door (the handicap entrance) that allowed us direct access to the function room. The staff graciously offered their help in carrying the favors, flowers, and the gifts that we had brought. They even refused a tip that was offered in return for their assistance. (Remarkable on it’s own).  In the function room itself we met Phil, our bartender for the day, ( a long-time employee of the LaCantina), and our waitress (that  unfortunately, I was remiss in not obtaining her name). However, she and Phil were extremely gregarious, helpful, and efficient.  


The event was set for 1pm and we had an hour to set up. The Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids arrived with more favors, gifts and ideas for games, (much to Rachel’s chagrin).

The function area consists of two rooms separated by an open door and two large windows. The main room had tables setup for forty-three people, plus the bride-to-be’s chair. Then there is what I like to call the “manly room”. I almost said the men’s room, but I caught myself, (by the way the restrooms are sparkling clean and are solely for the use of the function area). This room has the bar,(see above) big screen T.V., (not used) and the  stereo system. They had set up an additional three tables with seating for eighteen in this room. It also is the area for the buffet. Ah, the BUFFET…….(To be continued)





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