The Ghost of Billy Bell

      This is a recent piece of work, and as often is the case, I don’t know where the inspiration originated. One day it popped into my head, a ghost story, let’s see where that leads. This is where it went. A tale of the supernatural or that of a more worldly nature?

The Ghost of Billy Bell

 I once met a ghost,

of the name, Billy Bell.

And I only know that,

for as to me, he did tell.

 The first time I saw him,

it was just for a flash.

As I turned at the sound,

of the breaking of glass.

 I knew there was no one,

except myself, in the room.

But, someone or something,

brought the glass, to it’s doom.

 In pieces and shards,

and scattered around,

but, no source of the onset,

could there be found.

 It was then at the corner,

of an eye, that I saw,

a wisp of a form,

disappear, through the door.

 Though the door, it was shut,

and when checked, it was locked.

But, I knew that straight through,

something, had walked.

 The sighting had brought on,

the need for a drink.

To sharpen the senses,

and allow me to think.

 As I drank I then wondered,

who that aura, might be.

Indeed it seemed harmless,

at least t’was to me.

 The more that I drank,

the more that I thought.

The form not a grown man,

but more likely, a tot.

 When the bottle then finished,

and in just a short spell,

then came the next visit,

of young Billy Bell.

 And the form, it was clearer,

more so, than the first.

And when at last it did vanish,

came the return of my thirst.

 Another bottle now opened,

and my mind now, as well.

I wondered, from whence had it come,

from heaven or from hell?

 It was then, just past midnight,

when he spoke unto me.

Billy Bell is my name,

and whom might you be?

 He was a young man, and proper.

And spoke with respect.

Raised well, from station,

one must suspect.

 So, I answered his question,

and did so with pride.

Some know me as Jekyll,

you may know me as Hyde.

 Now, when Hyde comes to visit,

and if all things go well,

then we’ll have a good chat.

We two, and young Bell.


Jack Downing

Mar. 2011








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Hearth and Health are wonderful things and if you're without either such sorrow that brings So I cannot express enough thanks to my Lord and to my family and friends for the support you afford! ~Jack Downing~
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One Response to The Ghost of Billy Bell

  1. Sean says:

    That’s my favorite one so far… Loved it.

    Maybe because Im in a good mood for a story; regardless it was fantastic. I might need a sequel

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